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Hi all!  Today I’m babysitting my 1 and a half year old nephew.  So, I have two toddlers and a 2 month old I’m responsible for.  Can we say wine with dinner tonight??!

So far, it’s been ok.   We’ve all had breakfast, poops, snack, playtime, and a nap.  Count me out for the nap part 😉  There have been some particularly challenging moments though…

My nephew is a bit more needy than my two kids.  He loves his momma dearly and only wants her.  We have a room in our house gated off with tons of toys in it, and for the longest time today he just stood there at the gate crying for his mom.  My son even went up to him and hugged him and loved him and he just pushed my son away and continued crying.  It made me sad and I tried everything I could to get him to interact with my son and calm down.  Finally, he did, but he’s had several other flare ups since then…all at the precise moment that I’ve been doing something for my kids.  He’s the sweetest thing, but also a real pain in the a$$ when it comes to wanting his momma.  It sure does make me appreciate how independent my toddler is.  I think there’s maybe been one time when he cried for me when I dropped him off before work one day, and he was teething and had a cold.  The person who watches him says he never seems to care that I leave.  I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or not the more I think about it.  I mean, I kind of want him to care.  He does get excited when I pick him up and I love that part.  But, I was gone an entire week a few months ago and I expected him to run to me when I got home, but he was happy for just a minute and then went back to playing with this toys.  I suppose if I had to choose between the two personalities, it’s much better to have a child who is independent.  He plays by himself and entertains himself when I am busy with my little baby.  His cousin who I am watching today does not.  The moment you leave the room he starts crying…and the cries get louder until you go back to him.  I feel sad for him because he’s so little and it seems he has some separation anxiety.  I sure hope he figures it out soon and gains a little independence. Even his momma talks about how lucky I am that my son is so independent.  And, my experience today so far has made me count my blessings and appreciate my son so much – I even told him that and thanked him for being him when I put him down for his nap. Here’s hoping my little baby turns out like his big brother!

I honestly can’t believe I even have a minute to type up a post.  Que the choir – they are all sleeping – Hallelujah!  Not for long though, my little baby is starting to get squirmy…almost time to nurse again.

My last thought for the day…  I was changing my nephew’s poopy diaper and thinking to myself, man this is SO GROSS.  Sure, my own son has some nasty diapers, but it seems so much more disgusting when it’s someone else’s kid…  But at the end of the day, it’s all shit. 🙂

Have a great day!

All the best,

Someone’s mom


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  1. Maybe I say this because it’s the way I was raised and I am fierce about my independence even today, but I think raising a self-sufficient child is one of the most important parts of parenting. I think it’s essential to becoming a capable, functioning, enterprising adult. It sounds like your son is on the right track.

  2. Thank you for the compliment. We are definitely proud of the little boy he’s turning into. Keeping our fingers crossed son number 2 turns out similar. My husband and I were talking last night about why we think our son is so independent, and we think it’s because we do not baby him. When he was really little, we did some baby talk with him, but not much. We’ve always talked to him kind of like an adult. Not saying we talked politics at an early age, but we definitely didn’t use baby talk all the time. We also encouraged him to play on his own…we didn’t leave him in rooms by himself and make him hang out by himself, but we encouraged him to get in the floor and play with his toys as soon as he could…instead of holding him all the time. My husband and I are both independent as well and need our own space…so it could also be an inherent trait. My older son is talking a lot now too – he probably knows 200 plus words and counting every day. He’s been talking for months now…when he was around 10 months or so. My nephew on the other hand only knows a handful of words and is a month older. Not sure if our “lack of baby talk” had anything to do with my son’s independence or his ability to communicate, but in any event, we plan to continue doing the same with our second son. Have a good one!

  3. I want to say this too…I know that all kids develop differently. We still consider ourselves fairly new at this parenting thing, and sometimes I think maybe we didn’t do anything at all to influence how independent my son is…maybe he’s just that way and maybe his little cousin needs companionship… But, on the other hand, it is nice to occasionally toot my own horn and be proud of who he is becoming 😉

  4. That’s one of the crazy things about parenting–you never really know if your kid turns out great because of your mad parenting skillz or because that’s just who he is. But just in case, best to use those skillz, right?

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