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Firstborn, first haircut.   Leave a comment

It was another beautiful day in my part of the world. Sunny, but very windy. Several issues with fires around my great state. Thank you so much to the men and women working tirelessly to put them out and keep us all safe!

This morning, my firstborn had his very first haircut. Yesterday, I took tons of pictures of his beautiful long, somewhat curly blonde locks. Today, he became a big boy. He did so great and was the star of the show in the salon this morning. He stole the hearts of all the women there. I’m not quite sure how I feel about the whole first haircut thing. I mean, I know he needed it, but I’m a bit emotional about it. His haircut is very cute, but he’s a different little person all of a sudden – still my baby, but a grown up version. I’m getting used to it as each hour passes. I asked my husband if he liked the haircut, and to my surprise, he said we should have kept his hair long in the back. I think we are both having a little bit of a tough time with it – crazy! My husband was rooting for the haircut and is usually not very emotional about things like that.

Aside from my crazy emotions, I’m so proud of my little boy for being such a big boy today. It was a great experience! We spent the rest of our day with family and my husband cooked out a wonderful meal, complete with yummy dessert to finish up the day.

I’m so thankful for my babies, my hubby, and my wonderful in-laws. I married into such a loving, fun family and for that am truly grateful.

I’d love to hear from anyone about your child’s first haircut. Were you emotional about it? Did you feel your child was a different kid afterwards and did you need some time getting used to it? Or, am I just crazy?

Goodnight all!


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Amazing, just the way you are.   Leave a comment

My last post for today. Earlier today I was changing my little one’s diaper, and I sang the lyrics to Bruno Mars’ Just the Way You Are. I left out the “girl” part though and sang “Because you’re amazing, just the way you are.” He smiled and coo’d and I loved every minute of it. My babies are truly amazing just the way they are. They will always be amazing, no matter which roads they take in life. I loved that I’ve realized that.

Some of you may think that all moms believe their children are amazing just the way they are and that it’s an inherent trait that us moms have, but that’s not true. There were many times where my own mother and father did not think I was amazing just the way I was…and they let that be known. I was put down more than a kid should be, and I was called every bad name in the book by my parents…including the dreaded “c” word by my Dad. I’ll NEVER EVER call my children any of those names. I’ll never make them feel like they are not amazing and that they do not live up to my standards. I never want them to feel the way I felt for 13 plus years of my life.

So, my sweet boys, you will always be AMAZING, just the way you are!

All the best,
Someone’s mom