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Early morning reflections on the mommy heart.   Leave a comment

Good morning! I have a few minutes now before the rest of my little world is moving about and that it would be a great time to post. My little baby is laying here beside me with a full belly and a fresh diaper…he’s a happy little fella right about now. My big baby is snuggling with his daddy and hopefully they are both back asleep. My big baby has had some redness between his little toes here lately so we’ve been keeping him out of socks. Last night, he also slept in thinner pjs than he’s used to (he’s been in fleece pjs most of this winter). Since it’s been warm here, I thought the thinner pjs were the way to go last night, but it got a little colder than I realized. I keep it at 68 in my house so it’s not terribly cold. I went to check on him though and he was curled up in the tightest little ball I’ve ever seen and his little feet were cold. He won’t stay under a blanket for anything. He goes to bed covered up, and we check on him a couple times per night and cover him back up, but I can’t be in there with him all night to make sure he’s under his blanket. I wish I could. He woke up not long after I checked on him and when I was changing his diaper, he said “blanket.” Poor thing was cold. So now he’s snuggling in our warm bed with daddy and it makes my heart smile knowing he’s nice and warm. Now, he slept just fine last night and slept through the night…and he was probably comfortable, but remember I worry like crazy so when I touched him and he was cold this morning, I was incredibly sad thinking that he was probably freezing all night long. Couple that feeling with still missing his baby hair that we chopped off yesterday and I was sort of an emotional wreck this morning. What in the world is wrong with me?? I’m not preggers (fingers crossed – that would be insane) and I don’t think I’m PMSing… I guess it’s just my mommy heart. I cry at so many things now that I never used to think about or react to – tv commercials with children, babies being born on TLC’s A Baby Story. I’ve cried like a little baby myself so many times the moments the babies are born. My husband thinks I’m insane and sometimes I believe him 😉

I realize though that our hearts change so much once we have children. We of course do all that we can to provide for them, keep them safe and warm, and shelter them from all of the craziness that this life has to offer. I’d die for my children, and this is crazy to me because I have been and still can be a very selfish person. I’d do anything for them. So, this is a warning to any wood-be bullies waiting to bully my kids when they are in school – watch out! 😉 Just kidding – I’ll be a nice mom, I promise!

It’s an amazing feeling to love two little beings so unconditionally and to want them to have it so much better than I ever have or will have it. My mommy heart is so full of love (and a little bit of concern). I realize that home is now wherever my kids and husband are… Even though I’m sad about going back to work in a couple of weeks (I’ll miss my breakfast buddy so much – I’ve really bonded with my older baby), I know that every day I’m going home to be with the ones I love so deeply. To be with the ones I never knew I could love so much.

Have a great day.

All the best,
Someone’s mom

PS – any thoughts on keeping a toddler under a blanket so he doesn’t have to sleep in the fleece pjs all the time would be great!Early